1. Illustration for annual MONSTER SALE at Chapel Hill Comics by Andrew Neal.

  2. I did the cover art and design for this fantastic record, available here for free download. Rap over dance electro.

  3. Audio Two. Art by Andrew Neal.

  4. Family Portrait, Sep 30 2013

  5. Self-Portrait 09 27 2013

  6. Monster 2012, Debuted at SPX 2013. 
    1: Interior page from my 8-page story! 2 colors of ink make a third color.
    2: Cover art by Heather Benjamin!
    3: It’s split into three lovely little volumes!

    200 pages of comics by:
    Thomas Toye, Edie Fake, Brittany Hague, Jon Vermilyea, Leif Goldberg, Mike Taylor, Sam Dollenmayer, Michael Deforge, Keith Jones, Mickey Zacchilli, Marc Bell, Molly O’Connell, Seth Cooper, Dein Flynn, LAle Westvind, Jordan Crane, Brian Ralph, Mollie Goldstrom, Paul Lyons, Mat Brinkman, Roby Newton, Walker Mettling, me (holy cow), & Kevin Hooyman. Covers & Endpages by Heather Benjamin. Printed by Paul Lyons & Roby Newton, Hidden Fortress Press.

    Paul will get these online for sale at some point, I’m sure. I’ll post when it happens.

  7. I’m looking at the man in the mirror.

  8. I did this little illustration of Killer Mike & El-P a while back, and just expanded it into a bigger design. Super excited about Run the Jewels.

  9. chapelhillcomics:

    Exclusive Chapel Hill Comics cover to My Little Pony Mini Series #5: Pinkie Pie.

    I drew and laid out the back cover ad for this thing. The Pony cover is by Yamino.

  10. Selfy P. May 22, 2013

  11. Driving

  12. Bartkira pages 36-40:
    My part of Bartkira is done and submitted! These were a lot of fun. I enjoyed including as many Simpsons references as I could think of (I haven’t watched it in probably a decade or more, so Google was my friend, though I remembered a lot more than I thought I would)!

    I hope you like them!

  13. 3 panels from Bartkira page 39. All drawn in Manga Studio 4 with Frenden’s brush and lettering pen. Planning on going back and relettering all the pages when I’m done because I looooove his lettering pen, and a lot of the first few pages is super sloppy. I really enjoyed putting the Android’s Dungeon in here.

    Lenny’s hat/head situation is super messed up in that first panel. Gotta fix it too.

    My previous Bartkira stuff
    All the Bartkira

  14. Bartkira page 38 (my third page)!
    My previous Bartkira stuff
    All the Bartkira

  15. I have a three panel comic strip up over at the Infinite Corpse site!